7 Most Popular Female Singers


The female voice can stir so many emotions. From the high notes to the low notes, the female voice offers a variety of styles that male voices cannot. These are few of the newest female singers who are worth listening to:

1. Ellie Goulding

Her unique voice is inspirational and many listeners have become obsessed with her voice and her songs. So many people have learned about her through YouTube and then gone on to buy her songs and albums. She is certainly a singer that is not to be missed.

2. Kai Altair

Her mystical voice is something else and she really takes her fusion style to a new level. The blend of tribal beats with electronica makes her something that many people have not ever heard before. She can bring you to tears with the power of her voice. Her song “Change” is a one of her best.





3. Bat For Lashes

The singer’s name is Natasha Khan and she creates music that will calm you and draw out emotions. The best part is that she also adds great beats and other sounds to transfix her audience and leave them wanting more. Try her song, “Glass,” and you will be hooked.

4. Kerli

Kerli is all about versatility. Album number one featured electronic music and moody lyrics. Album number two features dance music that will make you want to groove. You never really know what you are going to get from Kerli, but you do know it will be amazing and memorable. She also knows fashion by customizing and designing her wardrobe. Listen to “Zero Gravity” and you will agree.

5. Gabby Young

This girl is quirky and fun. Her music is practically circus-like. She can sing and her husky voice is truly unique. Her voice matches her song styles and lyrics. The song that showcases her musical styling is “We’re All in This Together.”….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE