7 Most Wonderful Nail Polishes for Spring



One of the things I like doing is buying new nail polishes for fall and spring, keeping new colors which conform to the season. If you love painting your toes and fingers with the newest nail polishes of the season, these are some of the 7 top nail polishes for spring!

1. Zoya Neeka Purple Polish

This purple-blue nail polish is an inexpensive and fabulous choice for the spring months and if you do not like light purple or loud purple nail polishes, this is the brand you can wear. For example, if you wear a dark purple dress with dark purple shoes and gold jewelry, you can wear the Zoya Neeka purple blue nail polish.






2. Orly Ancient Jade

This is a cool mint green nail polish that goes well with all types of green clothing and jewelry. You can also incorporate creative nail art with this polish. One idea is to create the ombre look by combining the green polish with white or brown polish. Another idea is to do a marble nail by combining this green polish with blue polish, or you can put studs on the green painted nails.

3. Francesca Brand’s Bridesmaid Polish

If you are looking for a good nail polish to wear on your wedding day if you are wearing a light pink or peach-colored wedding dress, you should choose Francesca Brand’s Bridesmaid color polish because this comes in a soft pink color that adds elegance to your overall bridal gown and jewelry. This is also nice for bridesmaids to wear.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE