7 Most Wonderful Nail Polishes for Spring


4. Chanel Le Vernis in Emprise

This is a great springtime nail polish because it is a combination of nude and pastel pink. If you are wearing a floral outfit, you will like this polish because it complements your outfit well. You can also wear this nail polish with solid colored light pink outfits and white/beige clothing. This nail polish also has a shimmer to it and this makes it look great for formal outings.

5. Essie Mojito Madness

Essie has always been a great brand of nail polish and this is especially true with the Mojito Madness nail polish color. This is a soft green nail polish color that has a beautiful glow to it and that goes well with most springtime colored outfits and accessories. This is also a polish that men will like on your nails too.

6. Lancome Vernis in Love

This coral and bright nail polish from Lancome screams springtime and you will love the way this looks on your nails. This is also a neat nail polish to wear if you like springtime nail colors but you do not want to sport colors that are too loud for your tastes or for the occasion.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE