7 Motivational Food Documentaries That Change Your Views on Food



If you tried to lose weight by telling yourself you can do it or by reading weight loss instruction books but those did not work for you, maybe it is time for a reality check and you can get it by watching the following seven food documentaries.

1. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

In this documentary, it talks about the positive benefits of switching to a mostly vegetable and fruit diet, and cutting back drastically on meats, processed meals and desserts, and other kinds of foods that cause obesity, heart failure and even certain cancers. You can know how health can be improved, even after the dozens of traditional medicines available today have not helped you.





2. Food Inc

Food Inc deals with a more industrialized look at the processed food industry in America and how the food manufacturing process has stripped much of today’s foods of the necessary vitamins and nutrients that the body needs for good health. This is very good for people living with chronic illnesses, helping them to see how their bodies are reacting to the new eating lifestyle.

3. Super Size Me

In this documentary, it profiles a young man that eats only fast food for a whole month and he discusses the consequences of this unhealthyPost to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "7-foods-to-swap-for-a-skinnier-you" on his own body in an effort to help people make healthier choices in life. If you are a parent who gives your kids a lot of fast food, you should watch this documentary. Today, what once was an effort to feed every mouth is big business and a way of making money, meaning more product without any real value for the body.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE