7 Must-See Tourist Spots In Rajasthan


For anyone who loves to travel and explore different cultures, a visit to the exotic land of India is a must. With its rich heritage and the enigma behind its popular sites, the Indian state of Rajasthan is definitely a sight to behold. Known world over for its scenic beauty, majestic deserts, awe-inspiring mosques and shrines, fascinating architectural masterpieces and other impressive local treats, booking a ticket to Rajasthan is surely going to be money well spent! Here is a list of 7 Rajasthan sites you should visit:

1. Bikaner – the ‘Camel City’

Being home to centuries old cultural heritage, Bikaner is a reflection of how


 Rajasthan evolved over hundreds of year. With its invigorating folk music and captivating architectural mastery, it is no wonder that the city is filled with tourists almost all year round. Presenting the royal background of the state, Bikaner proudly showcases the Junagadh Fort, a large variety of mosques and shrines, Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum and a farm for raising camels.

2. Ajmer Sharif

Housing the famous Dargah Sharif shrine, Ajmer receives devotees all year round who come to this shrine with the belief that their prayers will be heard. As soon as you enter the city, you can feel the spiritual calling with the presence of a large number of holy places all around the place. Get a taste of history with the Ana Sagar Lake, Nasiyan Temple and the mosque built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE