7 Nail Tools to Use for Best Results



If you want to give yourself the best at-home manicure then there are some tools that you’re going to want to use. These tools will help your nails look and feel amazing, as if you just got your manicure or pedicure done at the salon.

1. Nail Filler

One of the best nail tools to use is ridge filler. This is a must have item and it is going to help provide a smooth surface for your nails. If you have a thin polish that shows the bumps on your nail bed or you want a perfect manicure then get your hands on these tools.

2. Glass Nail File

If you are taking care of your nails, shaping them is one of the most important things that you can do.





Most women are used to the usual cardboard files because they are cheap. You can do a huge favor for yourself by using a glass file instead of a cardboard one. They are easy to clean; reusable and they will seal the keratin in your nails. This is going to prevent peeling and chipping.

3. Nail Cream

All of us put our nails through a lot each and every single day without even realizing it. It is likely that we are always damaging them. One way to keep them strong and prevent any further damage is by keeping the moisturized with cream. Nail cream is affordable and it is easy to carry around and use.

4. Polish Thinner

There are many ladies that own a spectrum of nail colors. They usually last a couple of years but after that they can get really thick and unusable. If this has happened to do all that you have to do is apply some nail thinner to the bottle to get the consistency back.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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