7 of the Nail Trends You Should Follow



1. Gothic Nails

Gothic looking nails are not just about wearing all-black nails. You can have crackle black polish on your nails for a more exciting Goth look. Start by painting your nails white and then applying the black crackle polish to it. Another idea is to paint your nails in metallic silver and having the nail artist draw Horus eye symbols in black on the silver nails.

2. Bold Colored Glitter Nails

This is an especially great nail art trend for the spring and summer months although you can wear these with fall colors too. Some good base nail colors to put glitter polish on are yellow, pink, purple, fuchsia, white, turquoise, and lime green. Once you apply the glitter polish, you can pour on rhinestones or tiny nail decals for extra flair.






3. Lace Nail Art

For those who want the fancy look to their nails, they can have lace designs painted or applied to the nails. Lace designs on nails are romantic and they have a simplicity to them. If you prefer nail decals, you can put the designs on your nails yourself with lace decals that you can get from the arts and crafts store and beauty supply store.

4. Airbrushed Nails

This is another popular nail art trend and in airbrushing, the nail artist uses paint and an airbrushing machine to apply cool designs to your nails. For example, he may airbrush each of your nails with a floral design or with all the letters in your first name. Airbrushed nails are also not too expensive.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE