7 New Popular Hair Trends



There are new hair trends that come and go throughout the seasons. One season it will be about the natural look and loose waves, the other it is about the heavy cuts and cutting edge colors. If you are in search of a new hair try there are plenty of options to choose from. If you need an update consider the following styles to practice and try out.

1. Updo Braided

You can work a new season up do by putting some braids into your hair at the same time. Braid back your fringe for something that’s a bit simpler and create an intricate braid up do at the back of your head. This was a style that was featured on the Valentino runway in the year 2012.






2. Use Hair Accessories

One of the more popular hair trends currently is putting ornate accessories into your hair such as jewel pieces or pearls in hair pins. There are plenty of designers that are a fan of these types of accessories and incorporate them into their new lines. It could be an embellished headband or a hair clip – try it out and it may add the pizzazz that you’ve been in search of.

3. Try Out Bouffant

There has been a recent rise in popularity in the 60’s style. It was only a matter of time before it became more of a focus in terms of Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "511". This isn’t necessarily a new hair trend. You can give his hairstyle a treatment that is a bit more modern without teasing it. Try to leave the bouffant a bit messier and then secure your hair into a bun or into a loose ponytail.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE