7 Noteworthy Nail Trends to Follow


Nail trends are constantly coming and going, but there are some that you should definitely stick with if you want the best look this season. There is plenty of nail art and designs that are worthy trying out. The following trends are extremely popular this year.

1. Heightened French Manicure

The French manicure is the most popular choice when it comes to nails. There are alternatives to French manicures – you can go with a different color on the tip such as gold or silver instead of the commonly used white tip. During the fall you can even go for a black tip to spice your look up a bit.






2. Gothic Nails

Black nail polish doesn’t mean that you are a Goth, but it is a gothic look and it’s extremely sophisticated in some ways when it is applied correctly. You can even add black onto your nails with another color this winter. Try painting your nails black and adding another art design onto them to make them stand out even more than they already do.

scalloped edge half moons

Image Source: tresqueentastic

Nail Trends to Follow

3. Nail Sparkles

Alongside of nail gems, rhinestones and jewels, sparkles never go out of style when they are the right color and size. This year go for a seasonal color and add a minimal sparkle coat on top of it. You can’t go wrong with flashy nails.

4. Lacy Design

You do not have to be royalty in order to enjoy the finer things in life. If you put some lace nail overlays on then you may find that you feel like royalty. These are fancy and can look very sophisticated. Pamper yourself and have a nail artists paint on a lace design or get the nail appliqué at the store.