7 Noteworthy Nail Trends to Follow


5. Ombre Design

You’ve probably already witnessed the ombre¬†design by now on clothes, hair styles and on nail designs. This is a mix of colors that fades from dark to light. You can paint this on your nails with any two colors as long as one is dark and one is light. It can be fun or elegant depending on the color that you choose. All that you have to do is start at the base with a dark color and then fade it through with a lighter one at the top.

6. Bold and Solid

There has been a lot of emphasis on nail art and decals. This fall instead of using those, simply go for a color that is solid and bold. Sometimes less is more and this year embrace bold colors without the added glitz and glamour.

7. Elegant Look

When all else fails you can go for an elegant look. Nail art does go a long ways and it doesn’t have to be loud and flashy. Try a very soft color with an elegant design if you are attending a baby shower or a wedding.

Not everyone is painting their nails but opting out for new and creative designs is a great way to experiment with looks and outfit accessories. There’s nothing wrong with a little nail creativity!