7 of the Best Braided Hairstyles Worth Trying



In any season, especially summer, I always want a cute and fresh style, always ensuring that braided hairstyles are a great part of it. I always want my hairstyle to have braids because they add different textures, dimension and a different appeal to my look. I love their being elegant, fun, messy, sporty or girly.

These are some of the top choices for braided hairstyles today:

1. Fishtail Braid

This is a good braid because of its flexibility. It can be classy and elegant, or laid back enough for a good day at the beach. It is not difficult to make or remove, taking only a few minutes. It can also work for most hair lengths, making it to be what I always recommend to my friends.





2. French Braid

There are many ways of wearing a French braid. It can simply be straight down, or be at the front, making it an easy way of preventing your face from being covered by hair, so you can be proud of your beauty. It looks put together, framing the face well, while it can be worn anywhere. If you have longer hair, this is a good option.

3. Boho Braid

A Boho braid usually appears at the front or crown of the hair and it has a down to earth, laid back feel, as seen on celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and Nicole Richie who always have Boho braids in their styles. What these people do inspires many women, and the braid would look great at a music/cultural festival or a day at the park.

4. Cornrow Braid

This is the fun braided hairstyle which you can do on most hair types, good especially for people having curly or wavy hair. That is a good thing because it can sometimes be had for the hairstyles to come by. Flare will be added to your hair compared to the regular braid.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE