7 of the Best Braided Hairstyles Worth Trying


5. Braided Bun

For any occasion, a braided bun is a great hairstyle, and being an updo, it is ideal enough for a formal event like a gala, prom, a charity event or a business chic party. It is also great for a day at the office, adding some more style to your classic bun look.

6. Diagonal Dutch Braid

On the classic dutch braid, this is a cute variation, not different from the one Prim wore in Hunger Games. It is funky, sporty and fun, I it is my favorite because along with the braid, it has a different design. It is good for the gym or any outdoor event, and if you lie, it can go with on any casual day.

7. Waterfall Braid

This is a good one because of the depth added to your hairstyle, diagonally sweeping across the rest of the hair and giving you a fairytale-like and very romantic look. It looks good on your back, and this is why most women love wearing it on a romantic date.

Braided hairstyles are my favorites because they easily make you have more than an ordinary hairstyle. There are even good for warmer seasons when having your hair in the way is never a good idea. What braided hairstyle is your favorite? Would you be interested in trying any of the ones mentioned above?