7 of the Best Chanel Nail Polish Colors



Chanel is an extremely popular brand because of the large spectrum of colors and the quality that comes with their products. There are new colors and limited edition polishes that are often released and a favorite amongst many women. There are also other colors that gain somewhat of a cult status and a reputation as being the most popular color in the bunch. If you want a new Chanel color consider the following.

1. Vamp Shade

The Vamp shade by Chanel is a modern classic. It contains a blackened red and is the signature of the brand. It’s so popular that this color actually has its own Wikipedia page. When it came out in the year 1994, it flew off of the shelves. It was then reproduced to the permanent collection a few years later in the year 2000. Ever since its release it has been a best seller.

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2. Black Satin Hue

For a couple of years black nail polish was all the rage. It was popular with many fashion designers and celebrities. It was sold out in stores very quickly. Chanel reintroduced this color into their permanent collection and it has been extremely popular ever since.

3. The Dragon Shade

If you are looking for a classic and timeless red, you should go for the Dragon shade by Chanel. This is a must have color in any collection. It has the perfect gloss to it and it is likely to glam up any of the outfits that you’re wearing. The best part about this color is that it looks great on women of any age and it can be sophisticated or fun and spunky.