7 of The Best Crackle Nail Polishes for Your Nails

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You may wonder what crackle nail polish is. Crackle nail polish is a kind of polish that gives out designs on your nails that look like small cracks on them. To get the best effect for this kind of polish, you should start by applying a solid base color to your nails and letting them dry completely before applying the crackle polish and you should also apply thin coats of the crackle polish because this gives off better cracks on the nails. Here are some of the best crackle nail polishes.

1. Sally Hansen Crackle Polish

Sally Hansen has always created the best nail polishes on the market and it is no different with the line of crackle polishes. This line of crackle polishes comes in colors blue, white, fuchsia, black and gold. This polish stays on the nails for a long time after application and this is why it is a great choice.

2. OPI Black Shatter






For those who like black shattered polish for that punk rock/individualistic look to their nails, one of the best brands of black crackle polish is OPI Black Shatter because the result after application really resembles black crackles on nails and it has a slight shimmery look.

3. BK Brown Crackle

This crackle polish comes in a nice chocolate brown and when you apply it to the solid color on your nails, you will notice that the crackles have curvaceous designs rather than just straight or horizontal lines on them. You can sport this polish when you are wearing earth-toned clothes.

source: pinterest.com
source: pinterest.com

4. China Glaze Haute Metal Polish

With this polish, you get pink crackles on the nails when you apply it to your regular nail color. A white solid color base is ideal for this crackle polish but you can also use other solid colors such as gold, green, black or turquoise with the pink crackle polish.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE