7 of the Best Nail Polish Colors To Wear To Impress Men



Each time I visit the nail salon, I always think of a question that always crosses the mind of every client: is there a specific nail polish color that a man loves on his woman? Some people regard this as being silly to plan life around the preferences of a man. Though this is true, but if you are still in the competitive dating world like many ladies, you would always be doing everything that could make you to get a decent guy. However, one thing that many women are not aware of is that a man looks at the hands of the woman he is interested in. This is one of the first things a man takes note of in a woman.

And if you think about it, this is what cannot be avoided if you are out for dinner or drinks. Therefore, these are the 7 nail polish colors that every man loves:

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1. Lavender

Men are attracted to all things floral on women and this is why some men love the color lavender on women’s nails. Lavender has a floral look to it and it makes any dull outfit pop but you want to wear this color carefully because not all outfits look good with lavender since itis such as bold color.

2. Ruby Red

There is something fierce and sexy about ruby red that men like and this is why they love this color on women’s nails. When you wear ruby red polish with a great outfit, you quickly draw attention to men. If you are wearing a professional outfit to a job interview or to work, this color is not the best choice.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE