7 of the Best Quotes of Johnny Depp



Johnny Depp is loved for his brilliant depictions of the characters he plays, but he is also loved for quirky personality. He is not afraid to speak his mind and he has a special sense of humor that shines through everything he says. As an actor, husband, father, and person, he shares his insightful words so we can get to know the man behind the characters. Here are a few of his brilliant phrases:

1. “We’re All Damaged In Our Own Way. Nobody’s Perfect. I Think We’re All Somewhat Screwy. Every Single One Of Us.”

This is one of the best. He really describes life and people. He tells it like it is without any reason to apologize because he gives his opinion flawlessly. There is not anything to argue. It is truly Johnny Depp speaking his mind truthfully.






2. “Life’s Pretty Good, And Why Wouldn’t It Be? I’m A Pirate, After All.”

Johnny Depp really identified with Jack Sparrow and he took the pirate life to heart. He has fun in real life and on screen, too.

3. “I Don’t Think Anybody’s Necessarily Ready For Death. You Can Only Hope That When It Approaches, You Feel Like You’ve Said What You Wanted To Say. Nobody Wants To Go Out In Mid-Sentence.”

It is pretty easy to hear Depp saying this. He can capture what so many people are thinking without stumbling over his words. It is obvious that he really likes life.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE