7 of the Best Quotes of Johnny Depp


4. “If You Love Two People At The Same Time, Choose The Second. Because, If You Really Loved The First One, You Wouldn’t Have Fallen For The Second.”

This makes sense. The first should be enough. Depp gets it, plain and simple. Anyone who takes a cheater back needs think again.

5. “There Are Four Questions Of Value In Life: What Is Sacred? Of What Is The Spirit Made? What Is Worth Living For? And What Is Worth Dying For? The Answer To Each Is The Same. Only Love.”

It is so powerful to see Johnny Depp focus on love. He is very romantic and he knows what matters in life. Quotes like these make his fans love him even more.

6. “The Only Creatures That Are Evolved Enough To Convey Pure Love Are Dogs And Infants.”

It’s an ironic quote and certainly something to think about. The innocence of these two very different creatures makes this quote incredibly true. It is easy to see their love-drunk eyes when they stare into their caregivers’ eyes.

7. “When Kids Hit One Year Old, It’s Like Hanging Out With A Miniature Drunk. You Have To Hold Onto Them. They Bump Into Things. They Laugh And Cry. They Urinate. They Vomit.”

So funny and so true. Toddlers earn the name because it fully describes the way the bumble around the room. Depp is certainly knows how to astutely put his observations into very clear and concise descriptions.