7 of the Best Summer Hairstyles



The summer months are the hottest in the year, and for ladies having thick and long hair, it is always hard to have the cute hairstyle which is also practical. Even if you are interested in wearing down your hair, the humidity makes it to be frizzy and puffy. In most cases, ladies do not have many options when it comes to summer hairstyles. Therefore, these are some of the hairstyles and styles that are good for the period.

1. Natural Waves

The natural hair should be embraced during summer because there is no sexier hair than waves. This is easily done by wrapping in circles while wet, and pinning it, or wrapping the hair around a large barrel curling iron. This can be done before going to bed so as to have a natural messy look in the morning.

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2. High Bun

Many celebrities pull their hair back into a bun to have an amazing look. To have more good look, you should keep the bun a tad messy.

3. Pony Tail

This is a good style, though it could be sophisticated as well. When wearing a strapless dress, your shoulders will be brought out if you pull up your hair, and a sleek back pony tail looks hot and relaxed. With this look, you will appear laid back, which most guys love.

4. Fishtail Braid

I love the side fishtail braid because of its uniqueness, and this is why people like Blake Lively, Minka Kelly and Kim Kardashian use it, rocking the red carpet with it. Your hair should be kept away from your face to look sexier.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE