7 of the Essential Nail Colors A Woman Should Not Ignore



1. Silver

Silver is an amazing color for your nails and although not many people turn to this color as their first choice, it is an essential nail polish color that complements most outfits. Silver is also a good color base to apply crackle nail polish or nail art decals to. For a homemade metallic silver, you can put on glittery clear nail polish on top of the silver color.

2. Bronze

We know that bronze can be worn during the fall and winter months but this is also great to wear in the spring and summer.





You can also wear the bronze polish if you are wearing clothes in colors such as khaki, gray, light blue, chocolate brown and white. You can also apply animal print decals to the bronze painted nails.

3. Charcoal Gray

This is a cute industrial color that goes well with most professional outfits that are in colors black, navy blue, gray or beige. Charcoal gray also pairs well with eye makeup in colors silver, purple and light blue. Charcoal gray also pairs well with red polish tips on the top of the nails.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE