7 of the Most Exciting Nail Polishes for 2013



The New Year 2013 is for selecting the hottest nail colors to try out, as they are absolutely gorgeous. If you are looking for a way to improve your attractiveness, you should use certain colors. Based on my experience, there are 7 of the hottest nail colors for 2013 which every woman must consider.

  1. Nude Nail Polish

Nude is a natural color that is not very loud and this is why this kind of nail color will go well with any outfit.






Nude nail polish is also a good nail color because it pairs well with most skintones and if you use a growth resistant and chip resistant nail polish, nude nail polish does notshow cracks and chips in nail polish as much as other nail colors.

  1. Hot Pink

This is a wild yet beautiful nail polish color that goes well with outlandish outfits and costumes. Some nail polish brands sell glittery or mood changing hot pink nail polish while other companies may sell hot pink crackle nail polish. Some people paint their nails hot pink and thenpaint small dots on them for a girly look.