7 of the Ways of Easily Wearing Your Eyeliner


1. Halloween Look

Here is how you can achieve the scary cat eye look for your upcoming Halloween party. Start by putting black or dark brown or even navy blue eyeliner on the lashes and then put some of the eyeliner across the edges of your eyelids. Finally, you would apply designs such as the Horus eye underneath the eyes with the liquid eyeliner.


 2. Make Your Eyes Red

Red is a bold color and this is why you should decorate your eyes in red. Start by putting on black eyeliner on your eyelids and then apply the red eyeliner to the eyelids. Make sure you do not put too much of it on the eyes because the eyeliner will look clumped and it makes you look like a clown.

3. The Fairy Look

This is an excellent way to wear your eyes if you feel like dressing as a princess from a bedtime story. Some good colors for a fairy eyeliner are blue, violet, purple or bright pink. You can also design a small fairy, butterfly or dragonfly under the eye or right above the eyelids for a flirtatious look.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE