7 of the Most Popular Internet Animals We Love




The sweet little animals on the Internet have been making people smile and laugh. From chipmunks, cats, dogs, and all of the other hilarious animals that you can find, you will be able to improve your day by looking at the popular memes. These are some of the adorable animals that have become Internet sensations:

1. Boo

Boo is the Pomeranian who is the most famous animal all over the web. The dog has been named “The World’s Cutest Dog.” and the dog is so famous that celebrities have tweeted about it. The dog is not only all over the Internet, but it also has been featured in picture books and on a calendar. There are also stuffed animals that have been designed in the dog’s likeness, too.
2. Maru






This Scottish Fold cat from Japan has a popular YouTube channel. Maru has had over 200 million views, and interestingly, the owner has never shown her face or made a sound on the videos. The cat has been talked about on television and written about in print. Maru is such an adorable cat and does so many cute things that is hard to watch the videos and not enjoy them!

3. Grumpy Cat

The Grumpy Cat meme is the one of the most popular memes all over the Internet. It difficult to go a full day online without seeing Grumpy Cat on Facebook or Pinterest. This frowning cat has made so many people laugh, especially because it is so easy to attach clever sayings to the cat’s mug.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE