7 of the Most Popular Internet Animals We Love


4. Honey Badger

The Honey Badger became a hit when Randall, the nature lover, voiced over a clever documentary. Since the video went viral, the honey badger has developed into a meme that has taken over funny merchandise. Any time that someone needs to have a bad ass animal, Honey Badger is the one to use. You can find t-shirts, coffee mugs, and stickers with Honey Badger’s tough-guy face.

5. Ikea Monkey

The IKEA monkey is actually a Japanese snow macaque that was captured in an IKEA store in 2012. Darwin, the monkey’s actual name, has been all over the internet, showing up on Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. Animal control got the monkey when it was loose in the IKEA store, but the animal’s owner has not been able to regain ownership of Darwin.

6. Dramatic Chipmunk

This little video debuted in 2007 when a YouTube user shared a clip of a prairie dog. The audio that accompanied the video was from the film Young Frankenstein. When the Dramatic Prairie Dog (Chipmunk) debuted, it became an instant hit and has since had over 47 million views.

7. Nyan Cat

The Pop Tart Cat was designed by Chris Torres in 2011, but the cat was set to a Japanese Vocaloid called “Nyanyanyanyanyanya” and the video became simply perfect. After two weeks on YouTube, the cat gathered more than one million views. This little 8-bit cat has certainly become a sensation that cannot be missed.