7 Products That Can Ruin Your Date


4. Spaghetti

Again, don’t act surprised. There are three reasons why you should pass on spaghetti, at least during your date. First of all, it’s messy. Quite often it will end up on the floor, your dress, or even worse – your date’s attire. Second, they’re hard to digest, especially combined with fatty sauce. And, finally, they’re usually served in large portions, which may later show on your waist.

5. Feta and other sorts of cheese

Besides the fact that feta and other kinds of cheese are a challenge for your digestive system, certain kinds of cheese, like parmesan, may leave an unpleasant scent and aftertaste.

6. Exotic foods

First date isn’t the time to try out foods you’ve never had before, like oysters, mussels, snails, lobster, steak tartare, or exotic fruit. Not only because it’s easy to embarrass yourself not knowing how to eat it correctly, but also due to the unpredictability of it, including possible allergic reactions.

7. Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks in moderation, like a glass of wine during your date, are perfectly fine. However, it’s easy to overlook the amount of drinks you’ve had, which may result in headaches or bad breath, which won’t particularly add magic to the first date experience.

Try to avoid fizzy alcoholic drinks on your first date, like beer, champagne, or fizzy wine, as those not only promote faster alcohol absorption, but also tend to cause burping. And don’t forget to take all things in moderation!

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