7 Pros to having Short Nails



There are plenty of women who have problems with wanting to maintain their beauty and visit salons to get their nail or hair done but don’t have the budget to do so. There are ways to take care of your nails and do so while being trendy at the same time. Although many women prefer to have long nails, short nails are becoming more popular. It can give you a big break from filing and being careful while typing or baking. There are plenty of pros to having short nails and they are as follows.

1. Health

It doesn’t matter if you tend to have weaker nails. If you want to keep them short you don’t have to worry about protecting them with gel and product. They are far less likely to crack or split. You don’t have to coat them with anything to strengthen them because short nails are already strong and ready to grow. It’s less likely that dirt will build up inside of them as well.





2. Cleanliness

When you have short and well groomed nails, there’s no way that it would look as if you aren’t taking great care of yourself. It always looks professional and if you are concerned about work, it makes typing that much easier. Short nails are actually an advantage for fancy events because they are easier to color and design.

3. Short Nails and Dark Colors

An odd disadvantage to keeping your nails short is the fact that you can pull off dark colors really well. If you want to go with a blood red or a royal blue, it looks fantastic. It doesn’t look cheap or amateur – it appears stylish and classy. If you match your nail polish with your shoes it’s an added touch for those who like to stand out more and go bold with colors.


4. Maintenance Reasons

Let’s be real here, it’s a lot easier to maintain short nails then it is long. You don’t need some sort of a special brush to clean them and you can trash all of those nail files that you have laying around. All that you’ll need is a single narrow file to fix the shape after you’ve trimmed them. The entire upkeep process will take no more than 10 minutes of your time.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE