7 Purple Nail Polishes to Bring Out Your Inner Celebrity



Nothing says bold and beautiful like the color purple and you can give your nails some much needed flair with purple nail polish. Purple nails are best to wear when you are going out to the club, a costume party or just because you want to dress like a celebrity on a blind date with a potential partner. Not all brands of purple nail polish are the same and if you want to wear the best purple nail polish, you should research different brands to see which ones are the best. Here are seven excellent brands of purple nail polishes.






1. Cult Nail’s Flushed Polish

What makes this purple polish so great is that it is not a standard loud or too dark of a purple color but instead it is a combination of blue and purple but that looks awesome on the nails. In addition, this purple polish has a shimmery and sheer look once applied to the nails and it stayson your nails for hours without chipping.

2. China Glaze Purple Nail Polish

This purple nail polish is dazzling and it Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "3111" hints of gray and blue in it. This polish also stays on well and it has a beautiful sheen to it. China Glaze is a great nail polish brand overall and the good thing about this polish is that it is inexpensive.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE