7 Reasons not to Cut your Hair


4. Braid Trends

Braids are the easiest way for women to preserve the health of their hair, or style it. All that they have to do is put product in it or let wet hair dry overnight in a braid and it’s ready the next morning. Women with short hair have a difficult time growing their hair out because they constantly have to style it.


5. Sex Appeal

Long hair is a trademark on many women. It is a sexual attribute that many men like. Women who have long hair appear to be more attractive and more feminine than women who hve short hair.

6. Difficulty in Growth

It’s easy to cut your hair, trim it and color it. You can do that within the matter of one salon visit. If you want long hair it can take years and years to grow out. Before making a quick decision to cut it, consider how limited you are in styling and appearance options.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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