7 Reasons You Should Remain Single




So you were in a seven-year relationship with what you thought was a nice man but it appears that he was not ready to commit to a long term relationship that could lead to marriage. Now you ditched the man and you wonder if you should stay single for awhile. You may feel all alone without a partner but singleness is not a death sentence contrary to others’ opinions. Here are seven reasons why singleness is a good thing.

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1. Go Ahead and Be Yourself

One of the benefits of being single is that you do not have to work so hard to please the other partner at the expense of losing your identity Too often when people enter dating relationships, they tend to focus a lot on pleasing their partners and sometimes they put on a facade during the whole relationship, which is not good.

2. You Can Sleep in Peace

Another advantage of being single is that you can have the bed to yourself and you do not have to deal with someone else’s bad snoring habits or habits of leaving the TV on all night. You will have sweet sleep every night as a single person.

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3. Freedom to Date

Now that you are single again, you are free to date multiple men at once or just establish a meaningful platonic friendship with a male, which is possible to do if you set boundaries early in the friendship. With this freedom, you do not have to be tied down in an unhappy dating relationship.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE