7 Reasons to consider becoming a Vegetarian


There are a lot of reasons why people will take on the vegetarian lifestyle, and some of them will do it for different reasons. Most of them are related to the individual’s health, and some of them do it because of their belief system. Regardless of whatever choice you make, there are a lot of benefits that can come from this diet. It is a big transformation, but the following reasons will help you to realize why some people make the choice of transferring over.

1. Animal freindly

This is an animal-friendly approach to eating. Even if you don’t inform yourself on PETA, a meatless duet is considered a cruelty-free diet.


If you are a lover of animals, then this is probably one of the main reasons why you would switch over, and not so much for nutrient issues.

2. Earth friendly

This is an earth-friendly approach to living. Did you know that raising livestock pollutes the air even more, on top of the pollutants form vehicles and factories? If you are really concerned about the environment, then you would want to grow grains and vegetables instead of raising livestock.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE