7 Reasons to Put Down the Energy Drink


Oh energy drinks, they are alluring and necessary sometimes, but you really shouldn’t rely on them. They are a million times worse than straight caffeine and before you know it you are using them to get through everything. Liken them to whatever you like, they are not a healthy way to find energy. If that is not enough, just look at these other reasons to put the drinks down for good, before the damage is irreparable.

1. Stress and Anxiety

This amount of caffeine actually adds to your stress and your anxiety. You are taxing your organs and your body. Whether you know it, your body knows it and you will feel it throughout the day. This type of stress is not what you need to help get yourself healthy or to make your life better.


 2. Side Effects

The side effects of energy drinks are massive. You have digestive issues, heart issues, anxiety issues and even mood problems. If you haven’t experienced any of these yet, but assured they are just around the corner. Put the energy drink away before you feel the real wrath of the situation.

3. Sugar High/Sugar Crash

The sugar high might be great but it is accompanied with a crash. Not only are you likely to pack on the pounds, but you are creating a new need for more and more of the beverage. Every crash is accompanied with something else to bring you up. Then when you do sleep, it isn’t a good REM sleep so you find yourself more tired than when you started. This double-edged sword is never-ending.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE