7 Reasons to Stay Single




Not everybody is interested in getting married. There are those who decide not to because of certain reasons, especially if they find it difficult in committing to a person or have had bad experiences in relationships. You should be happy if you are single because you are free to do what you like without being bothered that your partner’s interests need to be considered.

1. No Expectations

One benefit of being single is that there is no need of being worried about how to impress your man. You are always you, and if you find somebody interesting, it is because you are being completely and totally you without an act being put on by you. As you are not in a relationship, there is no partner to try to change something about you, which means there is no need to live up to the standard of someone else.

2. The Bed is all Yours!

Another benefit is that you have the bed all to you – there is nobody to share it with you, and this makes it possible for you to always enjoy your night. You can sleep in any way you like, with the arms and legs taking up every part of your queen-sized bed.