7 Reasons Why Less is More



As we get older and more successful we end up wanting more because we are capable of having more. As humans, we are hardwired to grow and progress in life. The concept of having less may not be appealing toward everyone but there are some benefits to realizing that there isn’t purpose in items, only concepts. Here are the benefits of having less “things” in your life.

1. Mobility Reasons

Life is constantly changing and staying in one spot for your entire life is highly unlikely. Moving from place to place is a common affair for many people. When you have less it’s much easier to move from one location to another without feeling like you’re being tied down. It’s common that instead of us owning our things, our things end up owning us over time.






2. Purposive Reasons

Our possessions do not define who we are. They are merely a reflection of the things that we enjoy and are attracted to in life. There are tons of things that we have in our home that we do not use, let alone look at; they are there as “fillers.” If there is something that doesn’t serve a purpose in your life yet you keep it lying around, consider tossing it or giving it away to someone who will use it.

3. Be a Minimalist

By living as a minimalist you will find that you experience a lot more freedom in life. Although some of your bedrooms may be stark and empty, it’s going to keep your life and your thoughts organized because you don’t have much to look after. By choosing less your home is going to be completely free of clutter.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE