7 Short to Medium Hairstyles


  1. Pixie Cuts This is a popular hairstyle for those with short or medium-length hair and it makes you look sassy and fierce. The pixie cut can be worn with a professional outfit as long as you do not wear a loud color such as bright red or neon in your hair. However, you can sport a bold colored pixie cut with your costume or party outfits. 2. Bobs Bobs are timeless hairstyles that can be worn in numerous ways. There is the 1920s style flapper bob that is cut around the sides while medium length in the back with cute bangs in the front. There is the curly bob that has pizzazz while the asymmetrical/angled bob has an edgy but confident appearance. The chin-length bob is a favorite among those with medium-length hair.


        3. 1950s Siren Curls To look like a 1950s sex symbol, you would start by washing your hair then parting your hair on the side. Then you would put jumbo rollers in your hair and sit under the dryer for 45 minutes. Then remove the rollers and style it with a wide tooth comb and tease with your hands. 4. Two Strand Twists To achieve this look, start by parting the back of your hair in two large sections and apply holding gel to each section. Then braid each section from the front all the way to the back. This is a great hairstyle for those bad hair days or when it is raining and you do not want to look like a wet mop after being in the rain.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE