7 Skills Every Independent Woman Should Possess

  1. Know How to Put Furniture Together

While certain pieces of furniture will require more than one person to put together, most piecesof furniture can be assembled by one person. All it takes is time and a careful reading of instructions along with some common sense.

  1. Put A New Fuse in Fuse Box

This is an important skill that all women must learn because without a new fuse, you are not able to use the electricity in your home. When you buy the pack of fuses, you follow the instructions carefully and there are videos online you can watch to get further assistance.

  1. Patching Up Holes in Clothes

There was a time when most women had the basic skill of repairing holes in clothes and they also knew how to sew on buttons and fabric patches on clothing. But now that clothing is easily disposable and that you can buy new outfits all the time, this skill is slowly becominga lost art. Do not let this happen to you; learn some basic sewing skills.

  1. Self Defense Skills

As times grow more dangerous, it is very important that all independent women learn to defend themselves against those who wish to harm them physically. Enroll in self defense classes and if you have older brothers or cousins around, ask them to give you lessons on how to defend yourself.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE