7 Staple Trends To Follow This Spring


6. Easy on the blush

The shimmery and bright blush tones are on their way out, making way for the more nature-inspired pastel shades that are just perfect for your skin color. Define your cheekbone with a neutral shade and shape your contours with a hint of bronze.

7. Neon lips

In perfect harmony with the earthen tones that are recommended for other parts of your face, bold lips are the statement to make this season. Play with tones of red, pink and orange to create a vintage look. Makeup artists recommend lipsticks that give you a velvety lip texture rather than those with a glittery appearance

And there you have it with some of the most popular fashion staples as seen during the spring fashion weeks. Which trends are likely to become your favorite this year? Will 2013 see you revolutionizing your makeup collection in favor of the latest makeup look? Do let us know.