7 Steps to Making Caviar Nails


Caviar nails have been a trend for a while now. While it might sound kind of gross, they are an interesting way to texture your nails. They tend to stand out and you can add lots of color and sparkle to your manicure. You will pay top dollar to get this done in the salon, but you can do it at home cheaply. It is more about taking the time to do it right than spending lots of money.

1. Purchase Your Materials

You will need micro beads to make the “look.” You can get them in a variety of colors and sheens. These are going to put the texture on your nails. You also want to pick a good base color polish and a strong, clear topcoat.

2. Prep Your Nails

File, cut and prep your nails like you would for any other manicure. You need to have a smooth surface to work with and you don’t want your nails breaking after all this work. You might even wish to do this the day before so you can fully moisturize the nails as well.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE