7 Steps to Making Caviar Nails


3. Apply Polish

Lay it on thick. This is what your micro beads, caviar, is going to stick to so you need a thick bottom coat. Be careful not to get it on your fingers but get it even and rich. The better the bottom coat the longer your beads will stick.

4. Place the Beads

Put a paper plate under your hand and sprinkle the beads onto one nail at a time. The plate catches the beads that don’t stick.  You will want to press the beads down without touching the polish, just the bead tops. You will do this with each and every finger. You are securing the beads to the polish.

Water Marble Nails

5. Put on More Beads

After you have cycled through all your nails go back and sprinkle more. You will find that there are many holes on the nails and you want it to be a level, yet bumpy look. It just needs to come across as uniform so fill in all the blank spaces and make sure all the nails look similar.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE