7 Steps to Making Caviar Nails


6. Wait, a Long, Long Time

A caviar nail look takes a long time to dry. At the very least ten minutes, but usually much longer. You want the polish to set so that the beads are securely in place. You can’t move forward until this happens. With such a thick bottom coat this takes time. Maybe plan to watch a movie or sit in the sun, but don’t rush the process.

7. Top Coat Dabbing

Here is the tricky part. You cannot paint on a topcoat like you normally would. It would not only jar the beads loose but it will also affect the color. Starting from the outside, dab the topcoat all over the beads and your nails. You need to particularly pay attention to the outside areas and the nail tips. This secures the beads on.

That’s all there is to it. The bad news is that this is not an easy polish to get off. Just like with glitter polish it can take quite a bit of work. One tip is to put a cotton pad with nail polish remover on your nail and then wrap it in plastic wrap letting it sit for five to ten minutes. Then the micro beads should fall off easily. The good news is, because of its already “flawed” look, this manicure tends to last longer than other manicures. It is great that you can get such a complicated look at home.