7 Stunning Summer Hairstyle for Women



When summer rolls around it’s a great idea to switch it up and get out of the winter hair hues for something new, cool and spunky. If you are looking for something simple yet different there are plenty of different natural colors that you can get incorporated into your Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "511". If you want something that stands out there are plenty of vibrant colors that you can incorporate into it as well. It will give you more confidence and pizzazz. Try out any of the following 7 fantastic summer hairstyles.

1. Standout Red

Putting red into your hair is a courageous move, but it’s all the rage as of now. I’m not talking about the hue of red that Rihanna decided on a couple of years ago. You can go for a subtle red which will bring out the light in your face. Go for a red that is dark enough so that it doesn’t wash out your look. Make it look cool on your skin and make sure that it gives you some sex appeal. Red is a favorite amongst women in subtle tones during the warmer months.






2. Deep Chocolate Brown

Brown doesn’t sound like a color that is fitting for the warm weather but dark brown highlights can actually do a lot with a person’s complexion and their eye color. For those who have dark eyes, dark hair is actually very complimentary. Try out a chocolate brown that Mila Kunis has on her hair. It is very rich, it has depth and it doesn’t make you look too dull.

3. Summer Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is a type of color that is a fun take on a blonde that is basic. They do say that blondes have more fun, which is why it’s intriguing to spice up the hues a bit. Take a look at the type of colors that Blake Lively has in her hair and rock that color to the best of your ability. This is great for the spring time or summer time and it looks great with summer outfits and tan skin.