7 Stunning Summer Hairstyle for Women


4. Go Platinum

Platinum Blonde is quite an intense color but it is very flirty and edgy. It takes the right skin tone to pull this off, but it is cutting edge and vivacious when it is done the right way. This is going to perk up your face and give you a wholesome glow. This is fun to play around with if you have light colored eyes. It can also wash you out easily if you have dark skin, so be careful with how it plays into your overall look.

5. Go for Ombre

You can’t go wrong with an ombre hairstyle because you can rock two colors at the same time. This is a trendy style which is spunky and has a lot of personality to it. There are plenty of celebrities who have gone with the ombre look, such as Jessica Alba. The best part about ombre is that you can choose any two colors that you’d like.