7 Summer Party Activities You Will Enjoy



For any party, summer is the perfect season, and this is why your fiesta can be made extra fun with certain summer party activities. Whether it’s a birthday party for your child, or a party is being organized for adult friends, there are activities which will make the bash to be lively, and make it one that will never be forgotten.

These are some of the summer party activities for you:

1. Water Gun Battle

This activity has been a part of summer parties for years and this is a great activity for the kids.






To make this activity even more fun, substitute water with other liquids such as fruit punch, icedtea, apple juice or cold coffee. You can have this activity on the grass in the yard, on the beachor at your indoor pool in the home.

2. Treasure Hunts

Everyone likes to hunt for hidden prizes so after you had a few hours of fun with the water gun battles, you can hold treasure hunts in which the party guests have to search in and out the house for items you buried for them to claim as prizes. Choose treasures based on the theme of the summer party. For example, if it is a music themed party, have the guests look for hidden CDs around the house.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE