7 Things that are a Pain About Short Hair


The things that are a pain about short hair

Some people look at short hair and think it is easy. Maybe it is because so many older women have short hair or because it always seems to be styled the same. The truth is there are many things that are a pain about short hair. You should really consider all of these factors before you decide to chop off your locks because hair takes a long time to grow and you don’t want to find out too late.

1. Gets Messed Up Quickly

Once your hair is styled it might look great, but a few hairs out of place and it looks messy.


 When long hair gets messy you can toss it in a ponytail or do something quickly to fix it like run a brush through it. These are not options with short hair and you will find that it often looks messy rather than done.

2. Needs Constant Maintenance

The Second Thing That is a pain about short hair is that it needs constant maintenance. There is no putting off getting your hair cut for an extra week or two. When you hair is short you have to cut it on time or it gets crazy. There is little leeway and it is instantly noticeable when it is slightly past the “fashion” it was meant to be.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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