7 Things To Know About The Moon



Although there is no way to feel the presence of moon physically, it is still something that never fails to amaze us. People have always dreamed of stepping onto the moon and see what it is like up close. For this reason, it is no surprise when we come across stories of those who have just returned from their trip to the moon. While it does make us curious to find out if it is possible to live on the moon, there still remain a number of things that we need to learn about it.

1. The moon – A basic introduction
To understand other facets of the moon, we first need to look at its basic description. The moon is so called since it circles around the Earth. This is why it is considered to be a satellite instead of a planet, which is characterized by its rotation around the sun.


 2. Size of the moon

The moon’s dimensions would approximately equal a quarter of the Earth’s size, a relatively larger size among moons. This can be seen when we compare its perimeter of 6,786 miles (equivalent to 10,921 km) to the Earth’s, which is 24,902 miles (equivalent to 40,075 km). Another interesting fact about the moon: put together USA, Canada and Russia and you will roughly get the same surface area as that of the moon – 14.6 million sq. miles (equivalent to 37.9 million sq. km).

Moon phases sml

Image Source: sciencekids

3. Constituents of the moon

Although you may have heard tales of how the moon is supposedly made of green cheese, you might be surprised to know that it is primarily composed of rocks similar to the planet it orbits. The formation of the moon bears close semblance to the Earth’s, with the moon also comprising a crust, a mantle and a core. The moon dust consists of a number of constituents, which include: 

  • Oxygen (42%)
  • Silicon (21%)
  • Iron (13%)
  • Calcium (8%)
  • Aluminum (7%)
  • Magnesium (6%)
  • Other constituents (3%)