7 Tips For Achieving A Tight Stomach



The misconception is that the more stomach exercises you do, the easier you’ll lose that fat and get tight abs. However, that really isn’t the truth. The fact is that you can do as many sit ups, crunches and other stomach exercises as you want, but if you aren’t eating and working your cardio to burn fat, then you may actually end up with a larger belly. When you work out your abs, you will build muscle, but that muscle will be building under the fat and won’t show on the outside, which may cause your stomach to look larger. Instead, you need to burn the fat off while you do stomach exercises. Here are some tips to help you get that tight stomach you’ve been wanting.

1. An Apple A Day Keeps More Than The Doctor Away

Apples have pectin in them, which helps to boost your immunity and lower cholesterol. They are also a great food because they help to suppress appetite, helping to make you feel full and less likely to binge on foods that are not good for you. Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is essential not only for good health, but for losing fat as well.

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2. Increase Your Cardio Workouts For That Extra Cut Stomach
Cardio is important because it is what gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping, which in turns burns calories and fat. Make sure you have an active cardio program that challenges you so that you will work hard instead of just doing a few basic workouts. Obviously you do not want to work out too much as this isn’t good for the body either, but really work on jogging, walking, climbing stairs and other cardio to drop the fat and get that stomach in shape.


3. More Protein For A Higher Metabolism

Protein is important for building muscles. You don’t want to eat too much protein, but you might be on a diet that calls for hardly any, in which case you might want to look at increasing it. Protein takes longer to digest which means that your body will have to work harder, burning calories and increasing your metabolism. When you diet and work out, if you’re not getting enough protein, then you are risking losing muscle instead of fat. Consider your diet and see whether or not you need to add more protein.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE