7 Tips For Achieving A Tight Stomach



4. Jumping Exercises To Jump Start Calorie Burning
Jumping exercises, such as Jumping Jacks, are a great way to boost your calorie burning and fat burning. Jumping exercises are high intensity and will actually have your body burning calories for hours after you do the exercises. Try to do at least a 5 minute workout five times a week. Mornings are usually the best to give you that extra energy and start the day off burning calories quickly.


5. Using Weights For Defination And Muscle Building
While dieting and getting regular cardio workouts are great for burning calories and losing fat, you also need to incorporate some weight lifting. You don’t need to become a body builder, but weight lifting helps to burn more fight and builds on the muscle. If you only do cardio, then you can still be losing muscle if you don’t add some weight lifting. You will probably want to do some toning weights as well so that you develop the muscles the way you want instead of getting too bulky.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE