7 Tips for Getting your Nails Long and Keeping them That Way


When it comes to growing out your nails it can be very frustrating. You use your hands all the time and it is so easy to hurt and break your nails. With a few tips you can grow your nails longer and help to keep them that way. Mostly it is changing habits and treating your nails better that will secure the great, long look you are going for.

Image Source: mod-nails

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1. Don’t Make Them a Tool

Stop peeling stickers off and prying things open with your nails. This is the first step to nail death. It might not seem like you are hurting them but you are. yOu are breaking down the integrity of the nail and you will cause damage. Use the right tool for each job and save your nails.

2. Moisturize

Just like your skin, your nails need moisture and oils. You can do this by putting cream on your hands daily. Actually, many times per day. Every time you wash your hands you should put cream on afterwards. This helps your skin and your nails stay healthier.

3. Keep a Topcoat On

Even when you aren’t keeping your nails fancy, leave a topcoat on them. Water gets in the nail through the pores and dries it out. By keeping a topcoat on you are protecting the nail. You can think of it like sunscreen for your fingernails. You will find that the strength of your nails is exponentially better quickly.

4. Maintain Your Nails

Take the time to file your nails often and maintain the cuticles. It is an extra step every few days but it makes all the difference when you are growing them out. You will see damage and can fix it quickly rather than waiting until the nail splits.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE