7 Tips for the Perfectly Perfect Ponytail


A ponytail tends to be one of those things you think of when you are hot or are just too lazy to do your hair. The thing is, a ponytail can still be fashionable and a great look if you take the time to make it perfect. It can help you on a windy day and you can still look finished and put together. Getting the perfect ponytail without flyaways can be quite the trick, but these seven tips will help you out.

1. Let the Dirt Stand

Ponytails are a great second or third day out look because dirty hair makes a better ponytail. You will find it easier to slick back your roots and get the smooth look you are going for if you hair is not freshly washed. You can use dry shampoo to help with the effect, your hair will look clean but will stay in place.

2. Get the Right Location

Everybody’s face is different. You need to put the ponytail where it makes sense for your face. Long faces can have the ponytail right in the middle of their head whereas rounder faces benefit from a higher ponytail.

3. Use the Brush 

It is always so tempting to just smooth your hair with your hands but you want to use a brush! This helps get out all the bumps and makes the hair line up right. It can be tricky to get the hang of holding the brush and your hair, but once you have mastered it you will get the perfect ponytail each time.

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4. Make it Sleek

Don’t be afraid of the styling product. If you want a ponytail that looks smooth at the roots, you can use some gel or mouse to lock in the look. There are also oils that can help give you a nice shine. Make sure you carry the product through to the ponytail a little bit in order to make it all match.

5. Add Height to the Base

For those who don’t like the tightly pulled back look, tease your hair at the crown a bit. Then use the brush to smooth it back without flattening down the hair. This gives you more height and helps to give the hairstyle a “bouffant” look. This can be nice for a late night ponytail.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE