7 Tips on Avoiding Cake Face


We’ve all come across the woman who wears far too much foundation. This results in a look that is not natural and looks to ‘made-up.’ This is otherwise referred to as a cake face, when too much foundation has been slathered on. There is a right way and a wrong way to apply concealer. Regardless of the type of skin a woman has, she can learn how to apply it so that it is flattering toward her features and her skin type.

1. Apply it the Right Way

Foundation isn’t meant to cover up the entire face; it is meant to cover the spots that are uneven. The most common areas to cover are around the nose, eyes and chin. When the foundation is in place, concealer can be dotted on any blemishes or acne areas that the foundation doesn’t cover.

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2. Get rid of Matte

As we begin to age some of our skin will lose its elasticity and some of its moisture. This can lead to a sort of cake face. A matte face is not youthful, unlike a dewy look. The goal with foundation is to make it look dewy, which means keeping enough moisture retained in it.

3. Freckles

There are some women who don’t like their freckles and try to cover them up with a thick foundation. Freckles are attractive, and they should be embraced! Don’t cover them up because it will only result in a ‘cake face’ look.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE