7 Tips on Getting Smoky Eyes with Makeup



You adore the smoky eyes! You are going to a club or a private party and you want the eyes on you? You badly need to have the smoky eyes of the girl on the magazine cover. Do not worry, you can do this by yourself.

Okay, pick up the right colors for you. The smoky eyes may be created with the help of any color. All you have to do is to choose your favourite three shades. The must be of a similar hue. If you want to create a classic smoky eye, you will need black or gray.

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Some professionals also use brown and bronze colors.
Another thing you should take into account is the use of the right supplies as the perfect smoky eye may be created only by using the right supplies. Remember, before youstart with the creation of the smoky eye, you have to make your neutral palette. Then apply the face makeup. If you are looking for a classic smoky eye effect, just follow the next steps:

1. Step one: Start with the applying of your highlighter.
Begin with the applying of the highlighter. Your highlighter should be lighter than your eyeshadow shades. Take it and dab the highlighter on the inside corner of your eyelid. After this you have to dab it on both your lower and upper lids.

2. Step 2: Put on your shades and more precisely your medium shades.
Put your middle shade over your eyelid. You should be careful with the difference between the colors! Apply the middle shade only to the natural crease on your lid.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE