7 Tips That Can be used to Get a Flawless and Stunning Finish



Tools of the Trade: Brow Kit/Pencil

The perfect brow is difficult to achieve, especially if you want it to look effortless. When you want to make your brows look like they belong to a movie star with a personal makeup artist, you only need a little ol’ brow kit. Pick a brow pencil that is slightly lighter than your hair color and draw in little eyebrow hairs. Then, use a sharper pencil to draw in more little fake hairs in the brows. Have a friend or family member take a look at the finished product before you leave the house to be sure it isn’t over done.


Tools of the Trade: Foundation, Lip Liner

Long lasting lip color is a mystery to many women. When you are prepping for a beautiful night out, you want your lips to look amazing and to last all night. Many women might spend a small fortune on a primer, but that is not necessary. All you need to do is put a little foundation on your lips. Before you put on your lipstick, be sure that your foundation dry. Line your lips in a coordinating color, clear, or nude, then put on your lipstick.


Tools of the Trade: Primer, Moisturizer or Calendula Oil

Your foundation will be pimped up to perfection with this tip. Calendula oil is recommended by Gina Brooke, who is a makeup artist to the stars. She claims the oil will make you look rested and glowing. Otherwise, a primer or moisturizer will work for this tip, too. These products will make your face look great without needing a full coverage foundation. These will all keep your skin from getting that flaky foundation that makes women look like they have something to hide.